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Mon fleuve et moi - English documents

Take note that these two documents are only available in the paper version of the project (contact us to receive a free copy):

  • Map of Le Saint-Laurent, Ce grand fleuve qui coule en nous
  • Map of La voie maritime du Saint-Laurent / The St. Lawrence Seaway

The following documents are available online. Click on the image to download the document.


The Mon fleuve et moi: St. Lawrence River Presentation Document

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The Mon fleuve et moi project is an important event in which young people and students from the Québec Metropolitan Community are invited to participate. By taking part in deliberations on the challenges and problems facing the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes, they will be able to assess their own impact from environmental, social and economic standpoints. The project is also intended to help them identify their responsibilities, express their viewpoints and outline potential solutions. At the same time, the project seeks to showcase educational and professional opportunities related to the St. Lawrence, a formidable tool for economic development.


The teaching activites document - Edukit


Through suggested teaching activities, youths will be invited to heighten their awareness of the challenges and problems related to water protection and, more specifically, St. Lawrence River water. Their commitment to entering the public debate will be encouraged, as will community involvement.

The Organizations and projects for the protection of water and the St. Lawrence sheet

Many organisations have developed activities to inform and make the young people aware of the St.Lawrence River. Discover who they are and what they do.


The Special Booklet for Training and Maritime Professions document

For generations, the St. Lawrence River has been the mainstay of considerable economic activity.   As a maritime shipping lane, it has created entire communities of maritime workers involved in a broad spectrum of interesting trades. Yet even today, the maritime industry is a domain largely unknown to the public and even less so to young people, despite the fact that it offers excellent job opportunities for new generations and advantageous working conditions and salaries. This special booklet is for those unafraid to look into an innovative, growing industry.


Document The St. Lawrence, Quebec's National Heritage! - A Proclamation Is Needed

This is a message conveyed by the organization Les Amis de la vallée du Saint-Laurent (AVSL) to all Quebecers to gain their support and commitment to the issue of proclaiming the St. Lawrence a national heritage.



Document Réseau portuaire commercial stratégique du Québec